A towel warmer is not only useful, but it can complement the actual design of a bathroom without occupying a considerable space. The Warmrails HW/SW Kensington is a wall-mounted towel warmer featuring space-saving design yet it has 8 bars to hang your family’s many towels and other wet clothes in one place conveniently.

Main BenefitsWarmrails HW/SW Kensington

If it can dry towels, it is able to dry more delicate wet clothes and winter clothing as well. The 8-bars towel warmer has very simple design with a quite spacious gap to separate between the 4-bars on the top and 4 others on the bottom. The design allows you to hang plenty of wet clothes including delicate on the appliance and let them dry very quickly indeed. It generates enough heat to dry bathrobes and even wet blankets.

Another good thing is that the Warmrails HW/SW Kensington is a wall-mounted towel warmer, meaning it does not even require a floor space so it is suitable even when placed in the smallest bathroom. When it does not stand on the floor, it does not get in your way as well. It has chrome finish which in most cases goes well with almost any bathroom design too.

This towel warmer is designed to run 24-hours a day, but it only consumes approximately 105 watts of electrical power, which is more or less the same with light bulb electricity consumption. With that amount of power, it only warms up the towel instead of making it really hot. Everything for installation is included in the box including electrical cord and all the required hardware for mounting.

Customer Reviews

The HW/SW Kensington by Warmrails is actually a simple towel warmer designed to do the basic function without consuming too much electricity power and space. Most customers praise its simplicity, ease-of-use, and the fact that is it possible to hard-wire/soft-wire it. The 105 watts of electricity to generate heat is adequate to make the towel in ideal temperature that it is not too hot to use.

It does its job well, but there is a drawback from the way the appliance distributes heat. The heat should be distributed evenly in all its 8-bars, but the HW/SW also brings to heat to the side bars. This means you need to be very careful every time you add or remove towels.

Where to Buy

Warmrails is a popular towel warmer brand, and the HW/SW Kensington is available in specialty retailers as well as in online stores nationwide. At the time of the writing, it is available for only $158.24 in Amazon, which is 43% less expensive than its actual list price ($280). Amazon also offers some buying options including one-day shipping and free two-day shipping. Please check for the latest price and more buying options at Amazon.