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Mini Towel Warmer Cabinet Review

A mini towel warmer cabinet is essential in keeping towels sanitized and hot, which is used mainly in spas and massage facilities. With a smaller cabinet to warm your towels, it is fine to use these even when floor space is an issue. In fact, this item is no bigger than a typical microwave oven, yet it works as expected. You can even choose a design for the exterior depending on your preference, as long as it matches the motif in your spa center.


Benefits / Product Feature

Salon Smart offers a brilliant hot towel cabinet with the following great features:

1. Spacious Interior

Although this cabinet is small enough to fit even a cramped room, its interior is quite spacious. You can fit as much as 12 washcloth towels that are facial-sized. Hence, you can heat several towels at once, which is perfect when you are attending to a number of customers waiting to get a massage.

2. Excellent Heating Control

This cabinet has an internal temperature control, a great feature that prevents overheating. There is also a padded heating element in this cabinet, and this ensures consistent temperature in keeping towels warm. This towel cabinet operates with a temperature between 150 and 160 degrees, and the contents begin to heat up the moment you turn the power on.

3. Functional Accessories

For your convenience, there is a towel rack and a water-drip pan inside the cabinet. These are outstanding features for organizing the towels while preventing any drips and mess. Just pre-soak the washcloths and wring them gently before placing them on the rack. This way, your towels stay neat and ready for use.


Consumer Reviews


What most product users like about this unit is its size that can fit small areas perfectly. It can also hold about 6 medium-sized towels and 2 hand towels. The contents heat up quickly, and the cabinet is a breeze to clean.


Although the unit has space-saving features, there are some people who complain about the fact that the interior is not as spacious as the other brands available in the market. For instance, the number of towels that can be placed inside is less than 8, which is a hassle for those who manage a big spa with several customers per day. Nevertheless, the unit provides quick heating effects, so it does not take more than 15 minutes before the towels get warm.

Where to Buy

For greater savings on this hot towel cabinet by Salon Smart, the best place to buy is at As of today, the price of this item is at $129, which is an excellent deal that can save you more money while ensuring the amazing quality of the product for your specific needs.


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