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Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilizer Reviews

Several people are discovering the benefits of a hot towel cabinet with UV sterilizer. Spas and massage clinics, in particular, rely on this piece of equipment to provide a supply of hot towel cabinets that their customers want. So be sure to choose the right one to buy by checking out this product review.

Benefits/ Product Features

Salon Sundry offers a quality hot towel cabinet equipped with a UV sterilizer. Among its key features are the following:

1. Fine Quality

This product is a CE-certified unit, which means it complies with international safety standards. With this in mind, you can expect it to work as expected, alongside other safety components that hot towel cabinets should have.

2. Versatile

You will appreciate how this device serves two purpose, which is both as a warmer for hot towels and a sterilizer using UV technology. Thus, you can be sure that not only are your towels kept warm, but these also remain free from bacteria and hygienic, thanks to the UV sterilizer at work. This feature offers outstanding sterilization with its reflective panels and germicidal bulb that eliminates germs.


3. Functional Features

This device comes with a wire basket that is lightweight, sturdy and removable for easy cleanup. You can also use this when you need a good place to store and get your towels easily. With its large capacity, you can store as much as 27 towels that are at least 12 x 12 inches in dimension.

Customer Reviews

According to most users, they like how this cabinet can hold a maximum of 10 hand towels while maintaining the heat for several minutes. This machine also fits any cramped space easily, and that eliminates the hassle in placing this device in small offices or spas.

However, there are some customers who are not quite satisfied with the length of time that the machine heats up the towels. There are those who complain that it takes a longer time for the towels to warm up, which can be a hassle to people who are in a rush. Nevertheless, this is not an issue encountered by most people, which makes it important to read the user’s manual for proper use and operation of this machine.

Where to Buy

If what you want is quality hot towel cabinet at a reasonable price, then the best place to buy is at At present, this machine costs $91.88, which is a very cheap price, as compared to the amount offered by other sellers online. So, you can get excellent value for your money with this nifty device.

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