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Finding The Best Towel Warmer For Your Bathroom

How does the idea of wrapping your wet body with a warm towel right after stepping out of the shower or bathtub sound? Welcoming, you must have answered. Well, if you haven’t got space for a towel warmer cabinet in your bathroom, you need not miss out on the chance to keep your body warm when transiting from the shower into a cold room.

Discover the luxury of drying off with a warmed towel.

Towel warmers are the perfect accessory to have in your bathroom. We put together this guide to help you find the best possible towel warmer for your needs. We will explore the different types of towel warmers on the market and where you can buy them online.

In addition we have also put together some helpful tips of information about the main two types of towel warmers:  Hydronic and Electric, as well as different mounting options.

Alternative Uses for Towel Warmers

Outside the bathroom, towel warmers can be used in garages or mudrooms to warm up mittens and scarves. Some homeowners even use them as space heaters. Below is a detailed look at towel warmers, what you need to consider before buying them and why you should wash your towels more often.

Face Towels and Washcloths

Due to their use, face towels and washcloths are full of bacteria and dirt. Every time you wash your face with a dirty wash cloth, you are reintroducing the dirt and bacteria into the skin. Experts recommend that you clean your face towels and wash clothes after every use. In other words, wash them after every bath of face wash.

In case you are only using the face towel to pat the skin dry, you may consider using it a couple of times before washing . However, if you are using the towel to remove makeup, you need to wash it thoroughly. In fact, you should regularly use a hot water wash cycle and a fragrance-free detergent to avoid causing irritation to your skin.

The fact that all your face clothes and washcloths should be cleaned regularly does not mean throwing away all the old towels and buying new ones. As long as you manage to keep them clean, you can actually have the same towels forever (if they can last that long).

In fact, you can use the same face cloths and washcloths for 10 years as long as they are clean. In short, there is nothing wrong with using a clean old towel or washcloth for that matter.

Bath Towels

Bath towels need to stay clean all the time. If not washed regularly, they can harbor musty odors and lock in moisture, chiefly because of the extra thick fabric used to make them.

In order to ensure that this does not happen, you need to use vinegar instead of fabric softeners to wash them. Fabric softeners come with residue buildups that can trap odors. Vinegar on the other hand strips away the odor and keeps the towels absorbent.

When cleaning, run the bath towels through the washing machine as usual, but avoid using soap. Use one cup of vinegar instead. Wash the towels again, using regular detergent to give them a second rinse if your washer allows you to.

Dry the towels immediately with a towel warmer cabinet to keep mustiness at bay. It is advisable that you wash your bath towels after every three uses. If for any reason you cannot wash your towels, consider disinfecting them with chlorine bleach or disinfectants that contain phenolics.

Finding the Best Towel Warmer For You

Like any other furniture pieces in the home, towel warmers can be both, functional and decorative. although they are designed to keep your towel warm and dry in the bathroom, modern designs and technologies allows them to carry out other useful functions too, for example as space heaters. If you are currently in the market to buy a good towel warmer, the following guidelines may help you find the best one for your needs.

Price of the Towel Warmer unit

Price should always be a major consideration when buying anything. the price of an item is often associated with quality, features, designs, etc. People simply think that more expensive a unit is, it is certainly better. Dont let this mindset encourage you to spend a lot of money to buy the most expensive towel warmer available.

There are plenty of options in all price range from luxury to budget-friendly models. Luxury models are most likely associated with many wonderful extras and made of expensive materials, however you should always choose a model based on its functions and your requirements for those features. Budget-friendly models are available at around $100 or less, while the top-of-the-range models may reach up to $4,000.

There is always a good unit in every price range, so there will be a suitable towel warmer regardless of your budget.

Type of Heat Power Source

Towel warmers can be divided into two types based on power source:

  • Electric Towel Warmers
  • Hydronic Towel Warmers

Electric Towel Warmers

free standing towel warmer 5The electric type uses either dry elements or oil-heating mechanism to generate heat. They also come in hardwired or plugged-in installation types. These are fairly easy to install and operate.

Electric Towel Warmers are easier to install.

In general, electric towel warmers are energy-efficient in that they consume approximately 60 watts which is more or less the same with a light bulb. If they are combined as space heaters, then expect them to use a bit more energy.

Hydronic Towel Warmers

warm railsThe hydronic type is connected to your plumbing system, specifically the water heater. Such towel warmers generate heat as hot water flows through the main heating unit. It is also possible to use stand-alone hydronic heating systems instead of connecting it to your main water heater if you prefer to do so.

Hydronic towel warmers re more energy efficient in the long run.

Hydronic towel warmers tend to be often more energy-efficient than the electric models, but the installation procedure can be very difficult, and it is advisable to install them as part of remodeling or making a major overhaul of the existing plumbing system.

Towel Warmer Mounting

It will be pointless if you end up buying an expensive towel warmer with all the fancy attachments, if when you try to mount or install it, is when you finally find out that it is impossible to get it installed it in your bathroom.

Installation also matters.

There are three common models of towel warmer styles including

  1. free-standing,
  2. floor-mounted,
  3. wall-mounted.

The best towel warmer in terms of ease of installation and portability is the free-standing model. Wall-mounted warmers, however, are certainly good for small bathrooms with lack of free floor space. If you want a flexible unit, you may want to consider the floor-mounted ones, which tend to be mostly electric.

Some towel warmers are designed specifically to attach to either a flat or uneven wall. If your bathroom wall has flat tiles on the bottom half and uneven surfaces above, there may be specific types of towel warmers that may suit you better.

Warmer Design Style

Let us not forget that towel warmer is a furniture piece designed to complement the style of your bathroom and the overall interior design. This means there are plenty of styles available such as classic, contemporary, traditional or antique, and even artistic towel racks. Each of them have their own distinguishing features which will only add the aesthetic value of the room they are placed in, whether a bathroom, a shower room or even a salon.

It is always good to know that you can buy a model based on your own personal preference, so as to compliment your own unique style

When it comes to style, there is no single best choice since that entirely depends on an individual’s taste.

When considering style, design, shape, and basically everything that is aesthetic-related, you shouldn’t neglect the finish.

Some of the most popular finishes are

  • polished-chrome
  • satin nickel
  • bronze
  • gold
  • plain whit.

Size Of the Area and The Towel Warmer

The main function of a towel warmer is to keep your towel dry and warm. However, some big models produce enough heat to keep the entire room warm as well. Bigger warmers will generate more heat, but you have to consider the size of the room.

The size of the room and the number of users may dictate the type of towel warmer you end up buying.

When used in small room, the warmer does not need to produce generous amount of heat to reach every corner, so a small unit should be enough to do the job.

Another consideration is the number of people who actually use the warmer. If you live with a big family, a big unit is a must because you may have more towels too.

Controllers and Timing Units

Most towel warmers are powered by electricity or connected to the plumbing system to generate heat. They have switches either built-in or separately installed. The simplest one is of course a towel warmer with on/off button built-in, so you operate the switch just like you turn on/off any other device.

Some really good high-end towel warmers may come with a thermostat to control the on off times.

A separate timer based switch may also available, and such units are usually used for the hardwired hydronic type of warmers. they cost more to install, and you may also have to purchase the switch separately. these can be more efficient, as you can time them to work only when you need to. some may be linked to your central heating if you have it, so the central heating unit would control the time when the unit is on or off.

Make and Brand

It is fair to say that the best towel warmers are usually manufactured by the most reputable manufacturers. This is not always the ideal since big brands usually come at a price, which can be too expensive for some people.

A good brand makes a difference!

Some popular brands do offer reasonably priced towel warmers fortunately, for example Jeeves, Pollenex, Amba, Myson, etc. They are good brands, but they have budget-friendly towel warmers as wel as their high end rangesl.

Warranties and After Care

As a general rule, the longer the warranty, the better, and this buying rule applies to all brands. However it is worth noting that warranties may have restrictions, and are void if the restrictions are violated.

The most common type of warranty issue is DIY installation, which may void your warranty, if you didn’t follow the manufacturer’s manual instructions when fitting your unit.

In most cases, you will be required to hire professionals to do the installation. If something goes wrong, the manufacturer will probably consider the product faulty. You can file a claim and ask for refund or replacement.

Relying on Real Customer Reviews

When buying online, please read customer reviews carefully. It is one of the easiest ways to judge the product quality without even buying a product. On reputable sites testimonials are written by actual users, so you can generally rely on the provided information in the review.

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