Towel warmer are more than what they actually are. People now use them not only because they keep towels dry and warm, but also for decorative purposes. There are many different models and styles to suit every room’s design, and are in fact usable as room heaters too.

Some of the main benefits of using a towel warmer are as covered below:

1. Fresh and Warm Towels

The main function of a towel warmer is obviously to keep your towels and bath robes warm. It may not sound like much, but a warm towel has its own advantages especially after taking a refreshing hot shower where you need to get out of the shower room and again expose yourself to cold air. Warm towels keep your body comfortable at the right temperature and can help you dry more quickly. Dry towels in most cases are softer on the skin too.

2. Prevent Mildew from Wet Towels

After using the towel, you would want to make get it dry as quickly as possible to prevent mildew from taking hold on it. Mildew and fungus thrive in wet moist temperatures, and wet towels are the ideal environments for them. A towel absorbs a decent amount of water from your body, making it soaking wet pretty quickly. It should be dried out immediately so mildew and fungus dont get the chance to really thrive. A towel warmer generates enough heat that it is able to get your bathrobe and towel dried out almost instantly.

3. Warming the Entire Bathroom

Most modern towel warmers can be used as heaters too. They may eliminate the need for stand-alone heaters in your bathroom. There are so many different sizes that it is easy for you to choose the right towel warmer which generates enough heat to keep temperature in the entire bathroom warm. A heater is probably too big for a small bathroom, but wall-mounted towel warmer basically does not require any floor space, making it suitable even when you don’t have roomy bathroom.

4. Multiple Applications

If a towel warmer can generate enough heat to maintain comfortable temperature in the bathroom, it should also be able to function as heater in other rooms in your house. Of course, you will not want to use such appliance in living room or bedroom, but it is certainly appropriate when used in basements, laundry rooms, kitchens, and even garages. Although it is generally designed for towels, the appliance can be used for other clothes too, for example blankets, women’s delicates, and winter clothing.

5. Maintenance Free

Some household appliances need regular maintenance to keep them durable and usable for a reasonable period of time. Fortunately, some towel warmers use dry element technology, meaning they do not have oil or liquid running through the unit. They are energy efficient and certainly maintenance-free since there is no risk of leaking.


Towel warmers have evolved from a simple tool to keep your towel warm and dry into heaters for rooms. They are manufactured in many different designs, models, and styles for you to choose from. The best towel warmer is not necessarily the most expensive. You should carry out online research; reading reviews from experts or users to figure out which warmer is perfect for you without breaking the bank.