Every bathroom needs a place to hang wet towels, but the conventional floor-standing model is probably too huge in a small bathroom. The Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Towel Warmer can be an excellent choice thanks to its modern stainless steel wall-mounted design. It has 10 cross bars, concealed wiring, and optional programmable timer.

1. Stylish

The towel warmer is made of grade 304 stainless steel and it has 10 cross bars to produce enough heat for optimum drying. In fact, all vertical and horizontal bars are evenly heated to make your towels dry more quickly. The RWH-CB Radiant by Amba also features concealed wiring system, so it looks tidy and is indeed safe since the electrical wire is perfectly covered to keep it from making direct contact with water from the bathroom and towel. The horizontal bars are curved for easier access to your towels too.

2. Power Consumption

All bars are heated, yet the towel warmer only requires 150 watts of electricity power, which is equal to two light bulbs power consumption. There is a built-in on/off switch so you can easily turn it off if you don’t plan to use it for quite a while, for example when it is installed in a lake house because you stay there only during weekends. The Amba unit even provides an optional programmable timer, allowing you to properly save electricity power by turning it on only before your regular bath time every day. The programmable timer runs constantly 24 hours a day.

3. Easy Installation and Cleaning

All accessories required for installation are included in the box. The installation manual is quite straightforward too that you will not probably need a professional to get the job done quickly. Since the towel warmer is made of stainless steel material, it is also easy to clean and you can even polish it to remove scratches and blemishes if necessary. Please turn it off before you clean it with damp cloth.

Customer Reviews

There is almost no complaint from customers concerning the performance. The Amba RWH-CB can be very simple in terms of design, but it works flawlessly as towel warmer. Also, the vertical and horizontal bars heat up pretty quickly that you get warm dry towels ready in no time. You can also count on the durability of its stainless steel bars. The concealed wiring is safe for users that there is no direct contact between wires and water. The fact that the vertical bars are heated is actually good, but in most cases these bars are not covered with clothes so they can be accidentally touched causing skin burns.

Where to Buy

The Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer is available in offline retailers and almost all popular online stores. In Amazon, it is available for $255 at the time of the writing, or 15% cheaper than the original list price, meaning you save $45. There is also free shipping option by Amazon. Please check for the latest price and more buying options at Amazon.
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