Hot towel warmers are an amazing appliance to have in the home, with many benefits. The simple guide below should help you decide on how to pick the best towel warmer that best suits your needs.

Price Range

The market is awash with an assortment of towel warming racks, so you need to aim for one that fits your budget. Be sure to check out the prices first so that you can make a comparison between various units.

Ease of Installation

The easiest towel warming cabinets to install are the electric plug-in models. They come with a 120 Volts plug that can be plugged into a socket just like most home appliances. Choose free standing plug-in models that are easy to carry around.

Size and Style

Choose the most stylish towel warmer that will blend in with your décor. There are a lot of styles to choose from ranging from antique to conventional, curved to straight and contemporary to classic just to mention but a few.

The size of the towel warmer is primarily determined by the number of towels you expect it to warm at any given time. Will the size interfere with the esthetics of your room? Remember that the bigger the surface area covered by the towel warmer the faster the towels are warmed and dried.

Timer and Switches

Aim for a towel warmer that allows you to save energy while keeping the towel warm. Most modern units come with timers that allow you to set the time a towel takes to warm. Aim for models with integrated switches that turn off the warmer automatically when the towels are dry.