Towel Warmer Cabinets Reviewed

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Towel Warmer Cabinet Buyer’s Guide and The Important Facts You Need to Know

How does the idea of wrapping your wet body with a warm towel right after stepping out of the shower or bathtub sound? Welcoming, you must have answered. Well, if you have not installed a towel warmer cabinet in your bathroom, you have been missing out on the chance to keep your body warm when transiting from the shower into a cold room.

Outside the bathroom, towel warmers can be used in garages or mudrooms to warm up mittens and scarves. Some homeowners even use them as space heaters. Below is a detailed look at towel warmers, what you need to consider before buying them and why you should wash your towels more often.

Face Towels and Washcloths

Due to their use, face towels and washcloths are full of bacteria and dirt. Every time you wash your face with a dirty wash cloth, you are reintroducing the dirt and bacteria into the skin. Experts recommend that you clean your face towels and wash clothes after every use. In other words, wash them after every bath of face wash.

In case you are only using the face towel to pat the skin dry, you may consider using it a couple of times before washing . However, if you are using the towel to remove makeup, you need to wash it thoroughly. In fact, you should regularly use a hot water wash cycle and a fragrance-free detergent to avoid causing irritation to your skin.

The fact that all your face clothes and washcloths should be cleaned regularly does not mean throwing away all the old towels and buying new ones. As long as you manage to keep them clean, you can actually have the same towels forever (if they can last that long).

In fact, you can use the same face cloths and washcloths for 10 years as long as they are clean. In short, there is nothing wrong with using a clean old towel or washcloth for that matter.

Bath Towel

Bath towels need to stay clean all the time. If not washed regularly, they can harbor musty odors and lock in moisture, chiefly because of the extra thick fabric used to make them.

In order to ensure that this does not happen, you need to use vinegar instead of fabric softeners to wash them. Fabric softeners come with residue buildups that can trap odors. Vinegar on the other hand strips away the odor and keeps the towels absorbent.

When cleaning, run the bath towels through the washing machine as usual, but avoid using soap. Use one cup of vinegar instead. Wash the towels again, using regular detergent to give them a second rinse if your washer allows you to.

Dry the towels immediately with a towel warmer cabinet to keep mustiness at bay. It is advisable that you wash your bath towels after every three uses. If for any reason you cannot wash your towels, consider disinfecting them with chlorine bleach or disinfectants that contain phenolics.

Towel Warmer Buying Guide

In a bid to make you choose the best towel warmer cabinet, here are the considerations to make before spending your money.

Price Range – The market is awash with an assortment of towel warmers, so you need to go for the one that fits your budget. Be sure to check out the prices first so that you can make a comparison between various units.

Ease of Installation – The easiest towel warmers to install are the electric plug-in models. They come with a 120 Volts plug that can be plugged into a socket just like most home appliances. Choose free standing plug-in models that are easy to carry around.

Size and Style – Choose the most stylish towel cabinet warmer that will blend in with your home’s interior décor. There are a lot of styles to choose from ranging from antique to conventional, curved to straight and contemporary to classic just to mention but a few.

$110 – $140
Holds 12 facial-sized (small, wash cloth) towels
Contains an internal temperature control
Insulated cabinet w/ padded heating element surrounds intrnl walls
This unit does not rely on bulbs to heat which burn out and do not provide consistent heating
Water-drip pan and interior towel rack. 180 watts / 110V / 60HZ

The size of the towel warmer is primarily determined by the number of towels you expect it to warm at any given time. Will the size interfere with the esthetics of your room? Remember that the bigger the surface area covered by the towel warmer the faster the towels are warmed and dried.

Timer and Switches – Go for a towel warmer cabinet that allows you to save energy while keeping the towel warm. Most modern units come with timers that allow you to set the time a towel takes to warm. Go for models with integrated switches that turn off the warmer automatically when the towels are dry.

Electric vs. Hydronic

Here is a look at the two available types of towel warmers;

Electric Towel Warmers – These have low energy consumption rate. They come either as hardwired or plug-in. You have to integrate hardwired models into your home’s electric system while plug-in models can be used just like any other home appliance. There are large electric units that can heat a room, but you should use them alongside other heating appliances to heat the room effectively.

Hydronic Towel Warmers – These use your hot water plumbing system to generate heat. You can either connect them into your water heater system or to a particular hydronic heating system. Hydronic towel warmers are not energy efficient and may require some expertise to install. Most models come with security features such as thermostats and automatic shut off switches.

Helpful Towel Warmer Usage Tips

  • If you want to warm your towel much faster, fold it around the warmer as this makes it get into direct contact with the heat.
  • Towels may take long to get warm in air conditioned bathrooms. To increase the warming speed, consider placing an extra towel on the top of the one you want warmest to give it an insulating cover.
  • Install hydronic towel warmers if you want to save the heat buildup time associated with electric towel warmers.

The need to have a towel warmer cabinet installed in your bathroom cannot be overstated, not with the many benefits it comes with. When choosing a towel warmer, go for the unit that addresses your needs while keeping energy costs to their bare minimum. With the points provided here, you are now in a better position to choose a towel warmer from a point of information.