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Hot Towel Cabinets and Towel Warming Cabinets Explained

Most people don’t really understand the difference between hot towel cabis, hot towel steamers and ordinary towel warmers. Simply explained, hot towel cabinets are usually small microwave looking after appliances. They are usually used by hair salons, barbershops, beauty salons, spas and massage clinics. Their primary function is to either heat up towels or keep them warm for use.

They are favoured by masseuses and barbers alike for a range of heat applications, from a good hot towel shave to heat massage therapy. Salons may offer them for hygiene purposes. Some restaurants keep them to practice Oshibori (those nice warm towels you get to clean your hands!).

Due to their growing popularity, a growing number of businesses use them, and the home retail market for these are growing too. Especially as better and cheaper portable models are now available. Perfect for those home pamper days! Or for a good home hot towel barber shave even.

There are several alternative ways to heat up towels of course, many fairly cheap, from running hot water to using regular microwaves. The unfortunate complication with both these methods is heat regulation. Too hot and the towel carne scald you. Too like warm and they aren’t pleasurable or hygienic to use. A decent hot towel cabi comes with features that allow heating to the right temperature, as well as maintaining that comfortable warmth level, ready to use at a moments notice.

Their appearance is generally in the form of a small cabinet. Towels are placed into the unit from front the through a hinged door and power is supplied by a power cord. Items such as towels, socks and other clothing are then warmed within this compartment. For convenience some models are built with a timer so that you can have your linen warmed for you when you want.

Product And Brand Rating Price Offer?
Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet 32L Sterilizer Massage by  Spa Salon 3.4 / 5 $$$ best price
SX1000 Hot Towel Cabinet by TISPRO 4.6 / 5 $$$ best price
32L UV Hot Towel Warmer by Salon Supply 3.9 / 5 $$$ best price
Hot Towel Cabi by Elite 4.4 / 5 $$$ best price
LCL Compact 2-in-1 Towel Warmer & UV Cabinet 5 / 5 $$ best price
Double Towel Warmer by Spa Luxe 4.5 /5 $$$$ best price
Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet 4.5 / 5 $$$ best price

Five reasons (benefits) of hot towel cabinets

Hot towels have many applications of course, however the key benefits that need to be discussed are of actually using a towel warming cabinet rather than conventional methods.

1. Convenience

These towel warmer cabinets are fairly reasonably priced, even from good brands and makes. The convenience of not having to fuss about with a microwave or hot water and guessing the right temperature makes them a convenient purchase. In addition, they save time as the machine is usually switched on, or can be at a moments notice.

2. Temperature control

We have highlighted this earlier, cheap methods of warming towels aren’t ideal as you can not regulate the temperature and no two hot towels are the same. However, if you use a hot towel cabi, you are regulating the heat at optimal levels making sure that each hot towel treatment, whatever the purpose, is ideal.

3. Professionalism

There can be nothing worse than scalding a client with a too hot towel or underwhelming them with a luke warm one. The right temperature towel makes the experience a pleasant one. This is where professionalism comes in. You make sure that clients get a consistent service by using the right tools for the trade: the right towel warmer.

4. Efficiency

A busy salon is no place to mess about with heating towels manually, yet they really add the right atmosphere – good quality service and the mod cons associated with a high end organisation. However the busier you are, the more you would need to be more efficient. A good towel warming cabinet helps make your work flow more efficient, no messing about!

5. Hygiene and Sanitisation

The biggest benefit of using only the best towel heating cabi is to maintain and improve hygiene levels.  If you get a towel cabi with UV features then you get a highly sanitised towel heating system, much better than any at home diy option. The short wave ultra violet lights in these UV towel warmers are an excellent killer of most germs.

Hot Towel Cabinet Features Worth Considering

When you buy specialist appliances like towel heating cabinets, it’s worth keeping mind that there are a range of features and options available on the market. The key is to know before hand what you need and then making sure that the features are covered. The below list may be able to help you to decide on the best towel warmer cabinet for your home or business.

The first thing is to decide the capacity I.e how many towels the unit holds and heats. You can isolate that by estimating the usage you will get. A busy salon may need a larger capacity to say a small boutique barber shop.

Different towel cabinets can run to different temperature ranges, make sure that you have the right range for your dedicated purpose. If you are using the hot towel for a shaving treatment, you may be ok with lower ranges, on the other hand if you are using the towels for heat massage, then you may want to aim for the larger temperature ranges.

If you can afford it, try and buy a UV towel cabi. The added sanitisation is a major bonus and you will certainly be happier with a cleaner service!

Location and placement is an important factor. If you haven’t got much space in your salon or barbershop then you may want to opt for a smaller cabi. However if you do have size and the need, then a large cabinet is not a bad choice.

Helpful Towel Warmer Usage Tips

If you want to warm your towel much faster, fold it around the warmer as this makes it get into direct contact with the heat.

Towels may take long to get warm in air conditioned bathrooms. To increase the warming speed, consider placing an extra towel on the top of the one you want warmest to give it an insulating cover.

Install hydronic towel warmers if you want to save the heat buildup time associated with electric towel warmers.

The need to have a towel warmer cabinet installed in your bathroom cannot be overstated, not with the many benefits they offer. When choosing a towel warmer, pick a unit that addresses your needs while keeping energy costs to their bare minimum.

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